The Jordan Patterson Band (from the album The Back On Track Recording Project) - After rising as a star in the Blues world with his 1996 debut (Give Me a Chance), Jordan Patterson drifted away from the performance side of the music business. Following successful European tours and carving out a niche in the Washington, D.C. Blues scene, Jordan returned to his native Canada, becoming a concert promoter. The Jordan Patterson Band returns to the studio with the aptly titled, The Back on Track Recording Project, slowing their Blues to share their Soul as they ask “Can We Fall In Love Again” as Bobby Thompson’s guitar faces south as he nods to Duane Allman.

The Jordan Patterson Band speaks a lot to love on the album admitting pain on chopped chords (“Living Without Your Love”), strutting its dreams (“You’re My Girl”), and rumbling the beat with a Hard Rock shudder (“Heartbreaker-Revisited”). Rhythm and Blues are backed with an unabashed love of amped-up-loud Blues Rock as The Back on Track Recording Project lays down a hard line with album opener “Favourite Boy”, crunches out some Texas Boogie on “She’s Cool”, and pounds out Blues into a Def Leppard Rock template asking to “Play My Song – Revisited”.

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