John Batdorf (from the album Beep Beep) - John Batdorf welcomes you in with efferescent vocals on Beep Beep, his recent release. His voice rises like champagne bubbles, popping out rounded notes that bounce along the story line to show words walking through a life of pitfalls filled with dollar bills (“Where Does All the Money Go”), and hearts full of love (“She Knows What I Life”). His voice is encouraging, urging us to build our own belief systems (“Imagination of the Heart”), and to hold on to hopes (“Dream”).  John Batdorf drives a Beatles-mobile onto Beep Beep evidenced on the title track hook. The tune traces influential mantras back to John’s musical heroes with ‘beep beep, beep beep, yeah’. The story line goes back to 1964, putting John Batdorf in front of the family TV for four consecutive weeks of Fab Four appearances on the Ed Sullivan show. The groups hold on John and his own music extends beyond high vocals and songwriting as the sound structure for the tracks on Beep Beep are presented with Beatle-esque studio arrangement and sounds.

The life-spark in his voice has kept John Batdorf on the front cover and on marquees for several decades since his Atlantic Records debut as a duo with Batdorf and Rodney in 1971. John adds life experience to Beep Beep, and as he looks back at a career. He addresses mature issues as he wonders “Where Does All the Money Go”, and asks “What's a Guy to Do” as Beep Beep counts years as it ponders change in “After the Race is Run” while a drum pound accelerates a heart on the decline in “Please Don’t Go”.  Folk Rock is the backing for the tunes gathered on Beep Beep as John Batdorf lays his personal history on a fast track for “Feels Like Home” and quietly reflects on a memory shuffle as “That's What I'll Remember” is offered as a final goodbye.

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