Ashleigh Flynn (from the album The Low Arc of the Sun) - Magic was all around Ashleigh Flynn for the recording of her recent E.P. release, The Low Arc of the Sun, and on the live show captured with a select audience at the Secret Society Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. The show took place on the evening of winter solstice (12-21-14). The night was special for Ashleigh Flynn, who ended her quest for her Irish roots when the path to locate her grandfather’s spirit led her to Dingle Way as it curved to the Emerald Isle’s southwestern tip. As she reached the end of the footpath, the bloodline cord united in the sunset of summer solstice, retold on The Low Arc of the Sun in the tune “Barrow”.

Seasonal early sunsets are the backdrop as The Low Arc of the Sun makes its ways across a sky of seven songs. Ashleigh Flynn prepares for the long nights ahead as she whispers a prayer to the night sky with “Don’t Leave Me Lonesome”, dons warm clothing to walk love around her city in “Winter Song”, and remembers “Sweet Grass and Sage” on a summer reverie. Ashleigh Flynn re-plays the ‘soundtrack to her childhood” as she and the band tune up for the honky tonk crowd with Buck Owens’ “Tiger by the Tail”.

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