Kelley McRae (from the album The Wayside) - The methods we use to get past the hurdles that life litters in our path become cherished friends as the years progress. They are the tools we use to build and the hammers we need to break down doors. For Kelley McRae, the ways and means of getting over trouble was through her songwriting. She shares that ‘I fell in love with writing. I found I was better at singing what I meant than saying what I meant and I still am all these years later. I keep coming back because I don’t know how to understand life without the process of songwriting’. The Wayside is the most recent release from Kelley McRae, the tales told on lullabies (“Rose”), rushed strums hurriedly seeking a memory (“Tell It Again”), simple acoustics (“Reach You”), and a quick-paced melody looking for salvation in the new dawn (“Hard Night”).

Kelley McRae crafts songs alongside husband/guitarist Matt Castelein for The Wayside. Kelley describes how the album title fits when describing The Wayside as ‘the place along the side of the road where things get left behind, or where you go to rest awhile, or where you go find something you lost along the way’. Kelley McRae races with the rhythm nipping at her heels as she searches in her heart for Oklahoma in “Red Dirt Road”. The Wayside slowly turns the guitar chords as “A Long Time” gives up on lost calendar pages, lets worries drift lazily on “If You Need Me”, and follows its rhythms as they warm while walking the road of life in “Land of the Noonday Sun”.

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