Monica Rizzio (from the album Washashore Cowgirl) - It is a New England term to name the souls that move across the North Atlantic Ocean, rolling on waves that curl into Cape Cod Bay and up onto the sandy dunes of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. To separate the newcomers from the local, the immigrants are crowned washashore. That is where Monica Rizzio snagged a nickname and a title for her most recent release, Washashore Cowgirl. A Texas upbringing and fronting Indie Folk-Pop outfit Tripping Lily was part of the past behind her while the thick salt air and even saltier local players helped Monica Rizzio pull her Roots from the windblown sand. She penned tunes that mirrored her physical journey from Texas and the emotional landscape she crossed moving away from love and heartache, sending the stories out into the world as Washashore Cowgirl.

Monica Rizzio hops aboard a train track rhythm as she climbs in Washashore Cowgirl on opening track “You and Me”, seeking yesterday in the jigsaw puzzle of a relationship that has a few missing pieces. She softly asks for “A Little Time” as she surfaces out of deep water with demons tugging her down, hushes to a whisper to sing for a “Long Lost Friend”, ropes thick Country twang to swing a lasso for love in “Best I Can”, and blooms like the “Buttercups” as she rises out of a cold pain in her heart cast as frosty ground. Monica Rizzio goes to another Mass citizen as she puts her voice against acoustic guitar plucks and the soft hum of violin and orchestral swells of Mark Erelli’s “On My Way”. Washashore Cowgirl goes back to Texas as the title track leads with its Honky Tonk Roots, “Willie Nelson” shows the wear of age, and “Texarkana” looks in its rear view mirror at a life left behind.

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