The Brothers Comatose  (from the album City Painted Gold) - The Brothers Comatose are a great big bright spot in the San Francisco fog. Their recent release, City Painted Gold, pulls a touring band home after supporting two previous albums though the story of the title track tarnishes the shine. Art has become a victim of city greed in San Francisco and the band wonders what the city by the Bay would be without its more unique citizens. City Painted Gold blasts the results of five guys in van playing and crafting a sound. The handclaps that huddle in “Knoxville Foxhole” back a scratchy rhythm that rolls a caffeinated beat down Mountain melodies like spilt coffee. Gypsy tones put dark clouds of rhythm under “Dance Upon Your Grave” as solo guitar chords shudder to open the thoughts of “Valerie” and Country Roots pulls up a chair to hear a tale of an immediate terror threat with “She’s a Hurricane”.      

Musically, City Painted Gold is wrapped around the vocals and guitar/banjo of brothers Ben and Alex Morrison, who can lay claim to second generation Folkies as they follow in the path of Mama Morrison and her folk quartet. The Brothers Comatose are rounded out with Gio Benedetti (bass), Philip Brezina (fiddle), and Ryan Avellone (mandolin). The opening cut gives the band a ballad of its own with “Brothers”. Western music rushes like a devil wind over the prairie to spread the tale in “The Way the West was Won” as a frenetic fiddle shouts out for “Angeline”, ghost vocals show up clearly under “Black Light Moon”, and a Folk community worldwide find each other on every road out of town as they lock arms and sing “Yohio” in harmony.

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