Anni Piper  (from the album More Guitars Than Friends) - She gave up the title of First Lady of the Blues when Anni Piper moved from Australia to Cocoa Beach, Florida in 2014. Her feet have been on U.S. soil for only a short time yet her Roots go deep, getting early nourishment from the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Anni Piper picked up the bass guitar at age thirteen and was about to retire early to raise her son when she recorded a demo just to keep a toe in music. The album (Jailbait) won multiple Blues awards in Australia, and the success of the album offered her a career. More Guitars Than Friends is the latest release from Anni Piper, and the Blues stays in her songs as she slithers swearing “I’m Lost Without You”, rattles Latin rhythms for the guests dancing to “Shotgun Wedding”, plows a new groove in the earth with rock’n’roll on “Eugene”, and lets the Vintage Beat go Blue asking for “Just a Little Bit”.

Anni Piper and the Blues are a good fit as she tries on the cape of “Wonder Woman”, sips a last call “Blackberry Brandy” as the piano and twang keep on dancing, and orders “Cold Pizza and Warm Beer” for some morning-after Blues. The title track rolls in on cloud of reverb as a star tells her sad tale, sinking slowly as a chorus of “More Guitars Than Friends” pulls Anni Piper down and under with the Blues.

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