Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik  (from the album A Congress of Treasons) - Grant Peeples issues his stories and songs as a challenge. Never imposing, he is a lighthouse on stage with eyes that cast a beam into the secret corners of life. A Congress of Treasons, the latest release from Grant Peeples and Peeples Repulik, erects a podium for Grant to stand and deliver sharp, concise words that carve out the World According to Grant. His tales tend to not hesitate in their decisions or pull punches with their observations. A Congress of Treasons legislates its laws by joyously singing the praises of socio-political upheavals as he steps high into Jerusalem looking to take down Rome in “Treason is the Reason”, laundry lists the problems down at the labor camp in “Breakfast in the Gulag”, wonders if he can turn back to clock “If the Truce Holds”, and second line shuffles under rapid fire words basking “In Light of the Plague”.

It is the extremes making the man that put a wise mirth center stage with the songs of Grant Peeples, who describes himself as a ‘vegetarian that watches NASCAR, and  tree-hugger with a gun below the seat’. A Congress of Treasons heads down into the ‘bowels of allegory’ for the tale of “Miner Poets”, and opens its album doors with a piece of prose with “My Advice to Pilgrims”. The banner is raised as The Peeples Republik sway on a Western rhythm while Grant cheers them on with “Shine, Republik, Shine”.  The championing of causes gets Grant Peeples up every day and puts his feet to the floor though in his chest there beats tenderness. He sidesteps saving the masses as he gives a moment to more personal matters, heading down the stairs slowly into the “Basement of Her Heart”, and makes the story seem one-on-one as he whispers and wonders about his value on “If I”.

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