Reagan Boggs  (from the album Empty Glasses available on April 12, 2016) - The characters walk from pages penned by Reagan Boggs and out into the world on her upcoming (April 12, 2016) release of Empty Glasses. The title image may be of drained drinks but the cups run over with the flesh and blood mistakes, challenges, decisions, and successes on the album, the fourth from Reagan Boggs. Her music transcends genre, living in a singer/songwriter world that backs the tracks with a Country pride rising up from the cold ashes of a dead relationship in “Don’t Know How”, a guitar jangle that follows “Emily” as she steps quickly from a young girl childhood as Rock rolls in the waves coming through with “Mixed Signals”. Growing up in a home of extremes gives her tales a hard-won honesty as Reagan Boggs uses a heavy footfall as a starting pistol firing warning shots for the family in “Ready to Run”, produced by Eric Fritsch at Eastwood Studios.

Mostly recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio in East Nashville, Tennessee, Reagan Boggs received studio backing from The Coal Men, with band member Dave Coleman (guitars, backing vocals), on board as producer for Empty Glasses. Reagan has a memory stirred by old haunts in “Most of That Left” seeing a glass half full with the line ‘I started out with nothing, and I still have most of that left’ while the title track tries to fill in a void for someone who can never get enough. The wheels turn for a slow cruise down “Hillbilly Highway” to see the closed mines and broken lives at each exit while Empty Glasses toasts to a sweltering “West End” on the decline as Reagan Boggs stands as the last line of defense for ancestors wishes in “The Graves”, and honors fellow mountain singers with the Carter Family’s “The Storms are on the Ocean”.

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