Henry Wagons  (from the album After What I Did Last Night) - Henry Wagons gets a lot of references to Nick Cave.There are similarities, both artists are from Australia, and each has a baritone that goes deep to deliver smart lyrics. To the listener, you can probably hear shared dark Blues and back woods Americana in their record collection. The separation is the slap and tickle in the stories of Henry Wagons, evidenced on his recent release After What I Did Last Night. Henry has a knack of telling stories that have multiple forks in the road as the songs stir the ashes dying love or poke the same stick in your side with sharp one-liners. After What I Did Last Night was recorded in Nashville by producer Skylar Wilson (Justin Townes Earle, Caitlin Rose, Andrew Combs).

The rhythms rattle like the skeletons Henry Wagons digs up telling the tale of a night out, a married woman who likes musicians, and a husband with a mighty wallop in “King Hit”. After What I Did Last Night pulled up Roots to record in the U.S.A., though the chill in the air gives goosebumps for “Melbourne” as worries become the “Weak Link” in a love affair, and a thick fog of harmony drifts like fog from the Vistula River as the “Cowboy in Krakow” materializes out of the Polish mists. What separates Henry in his songs from the complete darkness of noir is the tenderness he can create in the deeper registers of his voice. His tones delicately become the memories that travel on trance beats to “Santa Fe” as the wheel slowly grinds the groove for the promises of “Anything You Want”, fills with joy on the time-traveling echoes of “As Long as I Breathe” while “Only Child” gets rocked to sleep on a lullaby melody.

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