Carter Sampson (from the album Wilder Side) - The words of Carter Sampson are sharp, scenes clear and characters that seem very familiar to those walking between the devils and angels hanging out on your own shoulders. She delivers her tales on the soft roll of Tulsa rhythms on her recent release, Wilder Side. Carter was backed in her Oklahoma Room performance by John Calvin Abbey, and on her album with an equally stellar cast of musicians from the Tulsa area including John Moreland on vocals, and Travis Linville engineering Wilder Side, picking on various strings including guitar, pedal steel, dobro, and bass, as well as handling drums and percussion.  Carter Sampson asks for “Holy Mother” to keep an eye out as ‘me and the girls are going out on the town’, asking for help from above to make sure they do not ‘go home with a guitar man, or anyone else in the band’ while she sees a horizon of dreams under an open sky in “Everything You Need” and blurs present and past into the request “Take Me Home with You’.

Wilder Side shares admissions easily on the title track as it opens the album with Carter Sampson setting the standard by making her life of a traveling troubadour the norm as her lonesome heart sits in the passenger seat on late night drives as “Wild Bird” separates her from disasters at home. Carter Sampson has a knack for penning her words as mirrors, allowing the truths of her life as support within the lives of listeners, particularly those for whom the road is not an option but a default. The flap of buzzard wings are like the tire wheels slapping for a “Highway Rider” as “Run Away” finds a safe spot within a lack of funds and security and a performer gives up the stage to take a seat in the front row to watch someone else put on a show in “Devil on the Run”.

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