Malcolm Holcombe (from the album Another Black Hole) - Deep heartbeats come through in the gruff baritone of Malcolm Holcombe. The rattling of the musical backing combined with Malcolm’s grumbles, hums, and gruff delivery give the songs on Another Black Hole, his most recent release, as gems cut from rock, unpolished yet filled with the promise of treasure buried within. A rhythm rumble carries bright banjo riffs as Malcolm opens Another Black Hole with “Sweet Georgia”. His voice becomes reverent to talk of falling bombs and whippoorwills around the death in the air on “Heidelberg Blues” as Malcolm Holcombe sings of a Texas traveler letting the Florida sunshine bake the bones of a working man in “Leavin’ Anna”, and spins the story for the man keeping his mouth shut on “Don’t Play Around”.

The release of Another Black Hole marks album number fourteen for Malcolm Holcombe. His rasp polishes the songs with a rough cloth as he pulls calendar pages in “September”, spits out the story of the “Papermill Man”, breathes the notes into rounded huffs for “Someone Missing”, and drives Chicago’s south boulevard in the title track. Malcolm recorded Another Black Hole with Grammy winning producer (Ray Kennedy) and engineer (Brian Brinkerhoff}. A shuffle chugs under Malcolm Holcombe as he brings humanity together in our needs “To Get By”.

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