Amelia White (from the album Home Sweet Hotel) - Amelia White unlocks the door and checks into Home Sweet Hotel for her most recent album release. Write what you know might be one of the lessons taught for songwriters taking courses on story content for their tunes. The results are songs about life, taking aim at its loves and losers with words of advice based in experience and observation. Like it sounds, those ideals are text book versions of the singer/songwriter lifestyle. The reality for the traveling troubadour is that lovers at home stay in your heart but the beds that wait for you after a show are empty. Amelia White writes what she lives on Home Sweet Hotel. She is the driver behind the wheel on the stories as they sit in the passenger seat, relating the scenes out the car windows as Amelia sees “Melissa” in every headlight while the road underneath her reminds that she has “Leaving in Her Blood”.

The tunes on Home Sweet Hotel do not take sides; they are extensions of the issues that roll around in the mind of Amelia White. While her words serve to build the framework for her tales, Amelia counts the worth of loose lips, understanding that teeth leave a mark but words can make you bleed in “Dogs Bark” as she offers a spoonful of sugar with “Love Cures”, and uses jittery rhythms to fit the emotions getting under her skin in “Dangerous Angel”. Set among the heart beats and glimpses of how her mind works, Amelia White gives the highway a co-write credit on Home Sweet Hotel. She sits back to pop a top in a lonely motel room on the title track and watches the calendar pages turn on the decisions of “Road Not Taken”.  For all warriors, time spent away is a solitary existence to provide for family. Amelia White feels her heartbeat match the tire treads as they bring her closer to her East Nashville home in “Rainbow on the East Side”. The story brings together those at home with her extended family of sisters and brothers traveling on a career path that has no road signs or maps as Amelia sings ‘I’ll never grow up or get smarter’ for all those who listen to their muse above all other voices.   

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