Dori Freeman (from the album Dori Freeman on Free Dirt Records) - The purity in the vocal of Dori Freeman is a combination of her heritage with a natural confidence in how her voice tells its tale. Dori is a daughter of Appalachia, and the mountains dig roots into her own growth as a singer. She is fragile as she blames herself for mistakes asking ‘how am I supposed to go on lovin’ when you left me feeling like I don’t know how?’ (“Go on Lovin”) and she is strong as tree trunks taking on the burdens of a young widowed mother on finger-snap beats (“Ain’t Nobody”). Dori Freeman makes use of geography, adding a slow drawl to her delivery that fits well with the natural bends and gentle twang in her voice as it reaches up to call out notes cradled in the arms of the mountains as they climb to their highest peaks.

Beyond finding muses in the mountain air, Dori Freeman can cite audio influences ranging from Doc Watson and the Louvin Brothers to the moody melodies of Rufus Wainwright. Vocally, Dori’s presence behind a microphone envisions her as Peggy Lee center stage fronting a mountain music band. Her self-titled album captures snapshots of life as she sees below the surface of the seemingly adult male in front of her as “Still a Child”, lets her thoughts bounce like the beat in “Any Wonder”, channels threats into the heart thump groove of “Fine Fine Fine”, and tenderly sends out a heart full note to a half-hearted love in “You Say”.

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