Tommy Z (from the album Blizzard of Blues) - Tommy Z knows winter weather conditions. The Buffalo, New York-based Bluesman tours the northeast region, playing shows for all seasons. A particularly dicey trip on the 219 Expressway in New York led to the title track, Tommy remembering over a crosstown-traffic riff that ‘having never written a song about Buffalo winter, after getting home and having a bite to eat, I put pen to paper’. Blizzard of Blues barrel storms the Blues into each track, with Tommy Z providing warmth from the chill with crooner heat in his vocals, and the laser fire of his guitar work. The album strikes a huge power chord for big rock in its Blues, though the style merges with cool jazz, and post-WWII electric Blues.

Tommy Z carves his name with razor-sharp guitar lines to refresh the “Memory of Love”, shoots of funky chords as arrows directly from the heart to “Lovergirl”, boogies with “Bags of Cool”, and plays tags with high and low Blues notes slow rolling on “Blues for KP”. Playing is more than a profession for Tommy Z, and he takes his touring to the next level, playing overseas for U.S. military forces since 2003. He yearly plugs in and peals the paint in venues found in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Bahrain, Qatar, Europe, Guam, and Kuwait in conjunction with the USO. Blizzard of Blues chills as Tommy Z swaggers through “Al’s Groove” and rages on the Muddy Waters hit “My Eyes (Keep me in Trouble”.

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