Dan Stuart with Twin Tones (from the album Marlow’s Revenge on Fluff and Gravy Records) - At some point since 2010, Dan Stuart (Green on Red), penned a false memoir and a record album that shared the title The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings. Looking back on the times of Dan Stuart, his own life would have been really good for the story content. Dan unraveled in 2010 and fled the U.S. for Mexico. He settled in Oaxaca, and the novel and recording were meant to chronicle the moments when the cells burning in his own brain move the limps of his alter-ego, Marlowe Billings. Marlowe’s Revenge is the songwriting, storytelling, and musicianship of Dan Stuart, backed by musical partners on the album with Twin Tones. Dan Stuart wanted to make an album like he recorded in his legendary Green on Red times as part of LA’s Paisley Underground in the late 1980’s. Marlowe’s Revenge has an element of violence in the guitar chords, an edgy crackle of danger in its rhythm.

Dan Stuart is the narrator, speaking from just outside the tales with vocals that haunt the songs as they tell their story. His words stage the ragged-edged dream sliding down “The Knife”, ride the new wave jangle of “Last Blue Day”, melts melodies “Over Your Shoulder”  on a persistent beat, sprinkles Pixie dust on “Elena”, and opens an umbrella of psychedelic haze under “The Whore’s Above”.

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