Freakwater (from the album Scheherazade on Bloodshot Records) - Like many of the initial recordings of Country music captured on tape with artists such as the Carter Family and Louvin Brothers, it was a cassette that got Freakwater some deserved attention. A cassette of the first recording from Freakwater dual leads, Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin, landed in the hands of an Amoeba Records owner. He was a huge fan of the Carter Family, and had released the first album from Eleventh Dream Day with Janet as drummer. He agreed to pay for recording, and the pair headed into a Chicago recording studio, meeting keeper bass player, David Wayne Gay for the recording (Freakwater, 1989).

Freakwater counts on the raw melodic blend found in the vocals of Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin on their recent Bloodshot Records release, Scheherazade. The full throttle delivery of “The Asp and the Albatross” become twin-harmonies joined in the question ‘who’s baby are you anyway’, coming together and playing tag across a strict banjo riff, teased and poked by a devilish fiddle and wayward flute in “What the People Want”. Scheherazade starts the counter at one thousand and two as its adds stories the those of the legendary queen. Freakwater wrench anguish from a ballad under the light of a falling czar in “Bolshevik and Bollweevil”, slowly turn the wheel for the slapped beat of “Velveteen Matador”, swing on a front porch harmony asking “Take Me With You”, tumble along in rhythm and verse in “Down Will Come Baby”, and count on AM Country Gold with “Number One with a Bullet”.

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