Paul Benjaman Band  (from the album Sneaker on Horton Records) - Paul Benjaman decorates with fall color patterns on Sneaker with the line ‘auburn as the hills that reach the skies that match the eyes’. The song, “Auburn Paid”, is from the album, the most recent release from Paul Benjaman Band. Paul dips his audio pen in the landscape of Oklahoma on the Horton Records release. The label is based in Tulsa, OK, as is Paul Benjaman, who never forgets the Tulsa Sound of JJ Cale on the album as he gives it a seat next to a 2015 groove. Label mate, and Hard Working American, Jesse Aycock, provides pedal steel guitar on the album as Paul Benjaman Band stays true to the sound, righteously following its path while still managing to drive slightly outside it tracks.

A sly, slinky, back forty bonfire beat casts a spell with the trance groove of “Black Country Magic”. Sneaker shares the stage with Willie and his Hand Jive as it pounds out a mighty message promising to “Shake Your Tree”. If you are naming names for Sneaker, you can check off guitar riffs, soulful vocal glue, and a beat you can dance to on the album. Sneaker creeps infectiously up and attaches with something primally familiar. If each record begins with the morning sun, Sneaker  is the evening tide that pulls you in and under as it picks apart the high times of “Ringside”, carves out sharp Tex Mex guitar notes in the roses that cover the ground for “El Matador”, and fastens the locks with crawling guitars for “Ball and Chain”. Guitars take pride as they crawl through the title track as the album opens with Paul Benjaman Band counting out a two to the four beat.                       ”

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