Daniel Romano (from the album If I've Only One Time Askin'on New West Records) - Daniel Romano stages art. He tools leather for custom guitar straps, is a Juno-award winning graphics designer for concert poster art. On his recent release,  If I've Only One Time Askin', he produces a majestic album with lush strings, lone tambourine skitters, sky diving pedal steel, and thick, reverbed guitar notes that shimmy and shine. If I’ve only Time for Askin’ sequeways song –to-song, never losing the links of notes that tie the tracks together. The tone is Vintage Country Modern, carefully created soundscapes that flow over the album, peeling back layers of the heart, Daniel admitting, ‘I’ve been known to take some liberties in the sadness department’.

Washes of strings lay a path for “I'm Gonna Teach You” to open the album as Daniel Romano becomes the crooner, setting his role for If I’ve Only One Time Askin’. Standing on the shore of the album, Daniel can see “There’s a Hardship” sailing in on a universal wind as he rattles a rhythm to tell the story of “Two Word Joe” and follows a slowly unwinding piano riff that sees departing love with “The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)”. Daniel Romano captures the emotion on the tracks of If I’ve Only Time for Askin’ as he comfortably curves his voice around the words, answering a cold bitter heart with an even colder finality “All the Way Under the Hill”, and taking the blame for love gone wrong in “Old Fires Die”.

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