Otis Taylor  (from the album Hey Joe Opus Red Meat on Trance Blues Festival Records) - Otis Taylor presents his most recent album release, Hey Joe Opus Red Meat, to traveling away from your day-to-day on a guitar woven flying carpet of trance music that floors its beats with the Blues and sets its table with stories from the life around us.A talking Blues delivery, electric guitar chord chops and staccato trumpet blasts weave together to ward off the chill in “Cold at Midnight”. The instrumental “They Wore Blue” hints at “Hey Joe”, and acts as an intro for the formal renderings of one of the songs that bookend the title track. “Hey Joe” was originally performed by The Leaves in 1966, and went on to become the debut single for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. “Hey Joe (A)” opens its Otis Taylor album namesake with a cacophony of strings and horn riffs that stretch into a hard-edge electric trance that demands rather than seduce, and features the added guitar of Warren Haynes (Govt. Mule, Allman Brothers). The companion piece of “Hey Joe (B)” floats on an Americana trance, slowing the motion, and featuring Langhorne Slim on background vocals.

Otis Taylor explains the background muse for his writing of Hey Joe Opus Red Meat, explaining that it was‘about decisions and their consequences. It’s about how decisions and the actions that result can change our lives, the lives of our families and the lives of people we don’t even know. Sometimes you win in life; sometimes you lose. You want the outcome of your decisions to be good, but sometimes its bad. And that’s when you don’t eat the meat. The meat eats you.’While leading into an altered state, musically, Otis Taylor provides an easy ride to catch a trance, grounding his sound with Blues textures, and winding notes in and around to support the journey. Lyrically, the mantra’s challenge as they teach with ‘sometime you eat the steak, sometime the steak eat you’ (“Red Meat”), the reflection that “The Heart is a Muscle” as it unravels the layers of love, and points out the finality of certain choices, and firmly suggests to embrace the new life of a sex change (“Peggy Lee”).

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