Have Gun, Will Travel   (from the album Science form an Easy Chair) - Over the course of five albums, Have Gun, Will Travel have gone from a Bradenton, Florida bar band carving out a niche with Alt Country to a band showing what the genre can be if you let your muse go.Touring, performing, and doing it all again and again has created a group with one musical mind. HGWT lab tested commitment results in their most recent release, Science from an Easy Chair, a mirror that reflects SoCal Country Rock (“Good Old Shakespeare”), nautical acoustic dreams (“By Endurance We Conquer”, back road barn birds singing a sad refrain (“Goodnight, Sweet Chariot”),  and electric rock bombast rolling on Roots heartbeat pounds (“Despair and Redemption on Elephant Island”).

Have Gun, Will Travel give Alt Country plenty of breathing room on Science from an Easy Chair. Granting the music liberty to use a more expansive range to roam yet still dig deep with their Roots. A lonely beachfront shack scratches out a winter tune with “Surrounded by the Pack” as “The Rescue Party” sets sail on a mission. The songs on Science from an Easy Chair offer a lot of salvation in verse and chorus, incorporating anthemic guitar leads and trippy soundscapes that roll across the album. The “Spirit of Discovery” takes jangles Alt Country that never stops its shake, “A Call to Arms” sings instrumentally like a seductive siren, and locks into glory on a desert riff that blows Have Gun, Will Travel with a rock’n’roll wind that barely takes a moment to breathe “True Believers”.

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