The Cactus Blossoms (from the album You’re Dreaming) - The Vintage Sound of The Cactus Blossoms provides effects like those ideally presented by a cup of chamomile, a meditative journey inward or an Indica hit of Girl Scout Cookies....mellow. Sonically, You’re Dreaming settles you on a massive audio cloud that tumbles and rolls as it covers the album, successfully capturing analog warmth in a digital world under its canopy. Produced by JD McPherson, You’re Dreaming, frames the harmonies of brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum against a sound that refers to another time in Country music without ever date stamping the tracks.

Tenderness is the common coin on You’re Dreaming, whether the stories are spoken to the mirror that stares back from the other side of the bar as the narrator claims “If I Can’t Win”, caught in the breeze of a goodbye in “Travelers Paradise”, or bouncing and quivering like rubber-nose for “Clown Collector”. The Cactus Blossoms are links in the brotherly harmonies that include The Louvin Brothers and The Everly Brothers. A combination of naiveté and guilty pleasure gets the green for sunshine smiles on “Stoplight Kisses”. You’re Dreaming gallops on a ghostrider rhythm chasing a western riff for “Change Your Ways or Die”, sways to the subtle Tex Mex strains waving “Adios Maria”, and follows misty chords and beats into “Mississippi” as The Cactus Blossoms  crown “Queen of Them All” on the throne of love.

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