Mike and the Moonpies (from the album Mockingbird) - Mike and the Moonpies are the Mockingbird on their latest release. The title track talks of hand-me-down songs, one more round for friends, and how family shows in the little things. The album sticks to the same honesty as the call of Mockingbird sings the sweet sounds of honky tonk music. Mike and the Moonpies are a country band based in Austin, Texas offering tradition in their tunes as they spin around the dance floor asking to “Sat It Simply”, show rock’n’roll bragging rights in any honky tonk with “Delilah”,  drop a quarter in a sad Country jukebox to play “Never Leaving Texas”, and slow down the count for the loneliest number in “One is the Whiskey”.

Mike and the Moonpies best calling card and resume builder is the music on Mockingbird. What you hear is what they are as they open the album on a soon-to-be classic road song as “Smoke 'em if You Got 'em” leaves a trail through Oklahoma as they head west to Amarillo. The little pieces in music that tug at your heart and the corners of your mouth as it sound tracks life and love’s road to ruin or recovery are collected on Mockingbird as a desert island disc. For all the hearts that have been cheated fall in line behind Mike and the Moonpies as they set up on the corner of “South First Blvd.”. The ways of the heart make a complete circle around a relationship within the story of “I Don’t Love You” as Mike and the Moonpies dig down into Mockingbird to find “A Song in Here”.

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