The Grascals  (from the album And Then There’s This...) - A crucial element to banding is bonding. The Grascals formed around shared resumes, personal relationships, and the desire to set up and play on the street corners where Bluegrass and Country Music intersect. The musical sense and intuition of the players are as deep as flesh and blood friendships on And Then There’s This…, the most recent release from The Grascals. The band tear into the album on opening track “I Know Better”, bubble with the determination of a spring stream in “Sweet Little Mountain Girl”, and find a seat as “Delta Queen” finds a fast current.

The Grascals move along the tracks of And Then There’s This… like a fine-tuned engine, testamented in place by their high octane playing. When the playing quiets, the foundation for the songs cradles and comforts decisions (“Road of Life”) as the album waltzes Joe Diffie’s “If You Want Me To” around a crossroad for love and shares a memory with “Old Friend of Mine”. The Grascals have a way of playing a smile into the darkest curves along “Highway of Sorrow” as the share the love for both sides on “True Hearts”, and share a not-so-secret guilt-free pleasure with “I Like Trains”. 

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