Harvest Thieves (from the album Rival) - Austin, Texas is home for Harvest Thieves. The band uses their debut, Rival, as a calling card for smart lyrics, tall tales, and good folks making bad decisions, laying them down on a bed of Alt Country.  Whether they are chasing a pounding drumbeat (“Your Damn Vanity”), following a whirling rhythm down a rabbit-hole memory (“History Teachers”), stomping to stoke the flames (“Desolation Wildfire”), or hanging on around the curves in the beat (“Upstage to the Front Page”), Harvest Thieves rush rhythms and propel them along the tracks of Rival.

The sway is slower on “Part-Timer's Lament” with a story that still provides bumps and bounces as Rival keeps the lights and rhythm low to take “Peruvian Valium” for a spin around the honky tonk floor as they slowly climb a Twin Peaks past to admit “I Killed Laura Palmer”. Like many of the Alt Country forefathers who developed a sound based in rock’n’roll with a Country music crush, Harvest Thieves never leave their rock attitude out of their stories as they toss off tales with a smile and a smirk. A glass goes up for “Bob Dylan's 78th Hangover” to the toast of ‘put me down ‘cause I can’t see the light’. One-liner words of wisdom are engraved on Rival with lines like ‘nothing is arranged it’s all predestined I’m afraid’ (“Predestined Arrangement”), ‘I’m best when I have room to run away’ (“The Least of These”), and ‘fools rush in, there’s really no rush’ (“Talk of Surrender”).

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