The Grahams   (from the album Glory Bound) - Glory Bound is geared to a specific segment of the population. The most recent album from The Grahams uses it title track to set the bar. The message waits for the chorus as it spends time in the opening laundry listing things that ‘I wish I hadn’t done when I was young’. The mistakes become rungs on the ladder that lead to being “Glory Bound”, giving your grip extra strength with the affirmation, ‘sometimes I need to put the hammer down’. The song opens Glory Bound and the album watches its characters proudly walk with an over-the-shoulder told-you-so for “Gambling Girl”, and sees memories fall to childhood, and the dreams that desire to find the nearest exit and hit the road with “The Spinner”.

If you are looking for a song on Glory Bound to make you feel worse about your day…move along. The album keeps life going on after death with the cry ‘never, never let your heart grow old’ (“The Wild One”), moves between imaginary lines and visible culture clashes (“Borderland”), and heads to Missouri in a hurry to avoid a broken heart over a chicken scratch riff (“Kansas City”). The Grahams are never far away from waving the banner of the road though they change the mood of their songs like the scenery flying by outside a southbound boxcar. “Lay Me Down” starts as a prayer, becoming a Rock Roots rhythm-banner waving towards the barricades of conformity as it ‘trades my wedding dress for a night of tenderness’, and “Griggstown” calls it quits and heads for a red door, taking a moment to fire off ‘I mighta been your girl once, but you’re never gonna be my man’. The Grahams play for the army of folks who have made choices. The outcome is not as important as trying. Glory Bound is a light burning bright for taking chances and listening to the voices in your head. Those voices may be timid or loud, though the one thing they will have in common is singing along with The Grahams as they exit Glory Bound with “Promised Land”, teasing ‘come on join me if you dare’ and giving a redemption guarantee in a community chorus of ‘sing a little louder, hold on to my hand’. 

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