Della Mae   (from the album Della Mae) - Della Mae stage their self-titled release from separate poles of emotion within the songs. Musically, the quartet plays acoustic instrumentation that sticks to the Folk and Roots traditions of their history while there is an added force, almost feral at times, firing the strings with electricity. Vocally, gentle harmony is a crucial part of the songs though when the ladies of Della Mae take on their tales’ characters there is spit and bite to the delivery. The feel of Della Mae is one reason that the band chose a eponymous title for their third release, as well as the new sound being closer to how the band has always heard the future of their music. The Low Anthem’s “To Ohio” becomes a torch keeps the path well lit and The Rolling Stones’ “No Expectations” is a Country Folk reverie that digs deep into the track’s psyche as Della Mae make the songs of others blend perfectly into the original on the release.

Della Mae fires its opening salvo with a pro-union and pro-women’s rights song that asks ‘pass me a match and we’ll strike it on the ground, and we’ll head back down to Boston town’. The women of Della Mae stand tall and proud as they challenge workers to take control of their lives and hold on to their dignity. Della Mae encourage to take a chance (“Can’t Go Back”) and start each morning with the right attitude (“Take One Day”). Keeping the acoustic strings that have backed their music since 2009, Della Mae turn the way traditional instrumentation sounds for a modern string band as they chop chords to add to the anxious request for a “Rude Awakening”, lightly finger pick support for the solitary journey that walks “For the Sake of My Heart”, and lay wants on the line with “Good Blood”.

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