Chuck Hawthorne   (from the album Silver Line) - A harmonica levels the playing field for “Enemy” as Chuck Hawthorne’s hero talks with a blood-thirsty view of angels warnings and society’s morays while the Silver Line looks for treasure as it crosses the great divide with a promise of ‘I think I’ll give this thing one more try’ in the title track. Silver Line is a storyteller’s album, with the music settling into the song, or supporting its emotions. The album production was handled by Ray Bonneville. Chuck was returning to Austin, TX, sitting in a Chicago airport with his guitar case. He had relocated to Austin after retiring from twenty-one years of service in the U. S. Marine Corps. Another guitarist (Ray Bonneville) was sitting waiting for a flight, and the pair began talking. They exchanged info before the flights boarded, and Ray asked Chuck to send him some songs. Chuck thought it was an airport conversation, and he wouldn’t hear from Ray Bonneville. The next day, Chuck emailed Ray a few songs anyway. Ray sent a reply that would change Chuck’s life and career. It simply read, ‘Let’s meet for coffee and discuss your record.’

Silver Line introduces characters that their creator inhabits in a way that makes it difficult to suss out which are the tales and how much of the history fits the steps of Chuck Hawthorne as a solider and a troubadour. He sinks into desperation slowly, personally killing off the angels in “Bound to Be Bound”, shows re-entry into a life of normalcy, trying to forget the atrocities of war as “Welding Son of a Gun”, and sadly spins tales of the “Rough Luck” that checks in the Heartwreck Inn. Chuck Hawthorne tells tales by filling in every detail of back story and scenes set to stages. The pain of the solider that traces back to his time at “Post 2 Gate” is nearly physical as he leaves war yet has trouble with the war leaving him while “The Gospel Hammer” joins the corporate workforce. As Chuck Hawthorne uses a rusty beat to back his guitar Folk picking, he follows a trail of smoke from addiction climbing higher, fanned by wings with “Dragon Flies”.

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