Cicada Rhythm  (from the album Cicada Rhythm on Normaltown Records) - Folk music is inclusive and never bars the door to outside style touches and new ways of hearing the songs from its musicians. Cicada Rhythm equally leave limitations at home as the Athens, Georgia based duo release their self-titled album on Normaltown Records. Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis are the two that make up one band in Cicada Rhythm. The mix of acoustic guitar and strum of a bowed bass creates a dreamy background with Folk and Jazz melodies as it floats across the soundscape of “Static in My Dreams”, dodges the “Shadows Before You”, and carries a “Round Yellow Suitcase” on fragile piano and chord defined beats.

The pair were both born and raised in Georgia, and the easy way of the South in the sound builds themes and thoughts on Cicada Rhythm. The band developed a brand sound in the clubs and the audiences of Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. The album searches through the thick of waves of words and music that drift like fog around “Ms. Eloise”, follows the life of “The Farmer” just ‘living to work’, scratches electric guitar notes to fix the itch on “Dirty Hound”, and lightly steps on a ordered beat and percussive patter “In the Garden”,

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