Sam Morrow  (from the album There is No Map on Forty Below Records) - Sam Morrow is like a new born foal…he spent a lot of time running to stand still, and at some point stopped, finding his musical footing quickly after a re-birth. Since that moment, he has been busy. Two album releases in a little over a year, in-studio videos, and a tour including opening slots for John Mayall. It is not that Sam has learned to run faster, more that he watches where he puts his step, and he sees the present as ‘in the past, I never really gave myself the opportunity to grow like I have since getting sober. I never really cared to learn about myself, my flaws, my strengths. I’ve been sober for long enough to where I see things coming back to me, but the fog of the chaos is only getting thicker, and that scares me’. There is No Map, the most recent release from Sam Morrow, documents the paths Sam has found while working his way through undiscovered roads and lost highways.

Sam Morrow has a silver tongue that still takes a moment to spit in, and at, the street in his songs with a venom that is not anger but maybe a little fear mixed with his own discoveries of new territory. Promises are good to hear though for someone who has used one-liners as life accomplishments, Sam sees that ‘same old bullshit don’t the make grass green’ (“Green”), and observes that as musicians ‘we’re all just fucking liars’ and ‘we’re all just hookers in high heels’ (“Wasted Time”). The reference of the There is No Map album title refers to going inside and finding out what makes us tick without the benefit of road signs or strategically placed arrows. Sam Morrow digs deep, walking across a chicken scratch guitar riff to get to a pile of cocaine and a beckoning whiskey drip in the confessions of “Barely Holding On”, rolls through a dream groove of billowing chords and fat notes to find “Devil’s in the Details”, thinks he see hope in a 9-to-5 future asking “Am I Wrong”, and sifts through questions and answers, feeling both, in “Hurts Like Hell”.

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