Donna Ulisse   (from the album Hard Cry Moon on Hadley Music Group) - Donna Ulisse opens a scrapbook of songs with Hard Cry Moon. Her pen tells tales of lives that cherish the little things. The ways humans connect, and disconnect, coming together, staying united or going it alone. Donna Ulisse stays away from what makes hearts beat and carefully shows the sentiments that back the stories. The future is out of reach causing worry in the moment and “As Long As We're Together” times the power of two and acts as an audio umbrella to stay dry as the tides of life threaten to pull you under. The songs of Hard Cry Moon are snapshots, the images showing decisive faces (“Ain't It a Pity”), the strength of family (“Papa’s Garden”), commitment (“I'm in for a Long Ride”), and secret wishes (“Whispering Pines”).

Donna Ulisse was born into a musical family in Hampton, Virginia. Surrounded by traditional songs and instruments, she carried her background into a career in Bluegrass. Hard Cry Moon is her seventh album release, returning Donna to recording her own songwriting in the studio following her previous album tribute to the voices that she heard as influences (Showin’ My Roots). Notes fall in “The River's Runnin' Free” like big fat drops hanging from the hands trying to wash themselves clean in the story line. Donna Ulisse puts herself into the songs on Hard Cry Moon as she sings of a mind settled in the knowledge of doing the best we can (“I'll Sleep in Peace at Night”) and blames bluegrass for the love that sees a couple huddled in the glow of a dashboard radio under a July Kentucky moon (“It Could Have Been the Mandolin”).

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