Legendary Shack Shakers (from the album The Southern Surreal on Alternative Tentacles Records) - Legendary Shack Shakers took some time off for various projects, but made sure that the band spent quality time together to celebrate their twentieth anniversary with a new release, The Southern Surreal with Col. JD Wilkes, called ‘the last great Rock and Roll frontman’ by their label (Alternative Tentacles) head honcho, Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys). The Southern Surreal rumbles and rattles without losing any traction as JD Wilkes (lead vocals, harmonica) is joined in a four-piece force filled out with the garage Blues guitar of Rod Hamdallah, with the rhythm section of Brett Whitacre (drums) and Mark Robertson (upright bass).

The Southern Surreal stages the songs with a backdrop of thick swamp forests, snaking vines and roots, forbidden darkness, and eerie moans and howls manifesting all around. Legendary Shack Shakers steer a confident course as they cruise on determined rhythms, and locked step beats. Band fan Billy Bob Thornton narrates “The Dog Was Dead” as Legendary Shack Shakers ramp up the roll top piano to scratch out a letter to daddy with “Demon Rum”. The Southern Surreal cuts the howls on “Down to the Bone” with drums pounds and crackly guitar riffs, dials down the radio static to greet “The Grinning Man”, follows the kudzu crawl to find the “One That Got Away”, and slowly turns the grinding wheel to spin “Born Under a Bad Sign”.

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