My Politic  (from the album Anchor) - The rhythms of My Politic runs on strings; the demanding thump of an upright bass, and the acoustically echoed guitar and banjo chord strums as picked riffs weave and wrap around the percussive melody. The band took roots in Folk and traditional music in Missouri, and the trio (Kaston Guffey-lead vocals, guitar), Nick Pankey (harmony, guitar), Wilson Conroy (harmony, banjo, dobro) are now settled in Nashville. Anchor, their most recent release, plays Folk songs from the heart of a rambler as the album examines “The Truth” on a carefully structured border of rhythm with “Nobody to Blame” as it carries its own truths in the gritty light of reality.

Adding to traditional music backing of instruments, Anchor weighs in on the title track with possible ‘fixes’, some good, and some bad. The song reads the small print out loud that ‘there’s gonna be an anchor that’s gonna find its way to the bottom of the ocean and hold you down’ as a Country Punk pulpit proclaims ‘heaven don’t help anybody, and hell is hungry all the time’. My Politic tow the party line behind them into the next morning hangover as they discuss “God vs Evolution”, plaintively confess in “Ain’t No Saint”, and harmonize on the ways a union crumbles under the inner-rebellions of love with “Civil War Songs”.

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