With a dozen family sized bags of Skittles, Caroline Rose created this stop-motion video over the course of 3 weeks.  "Blood On Your Bootheels" is from her debut "I Will Not Be Afraid" on Little Hi!/Thirty Tigers. Though the song was written and inspired by Trayvon Martin, who was holding a bag of skittles when he died.

Bonnie Bishop took the challenge in early vocal training by joining the choir in black churches in her native Texas. The spirit is alive in her music and her lyrics light the path to persona salvation. Bonnie keep the fire alive in this video of Bonnie Bishop & The Modern Day Prophets live from The Rutledge in Nashville, Tennessee.

The mirrored ball of the Grand Ole Echo is no help for The Far West. The LA-based California Country band watch ghosts wrestle with perpetual optimism in the video where they admit that they just can’t see “The Bright Side”.

Fact or fiction? Jackie Venson puts 16 years of piano, 7 years of vocal and songwriting, and 3 years of non-stop guitar into an Austin bound suitcase after attending Berklee College of Music…facts. But another story lies in the shadows, the one where during a drunken back-alley brawl, Jackie Venson punched Pluto straight out of planetary existence…that becomes legend.

More Primitive is the most recent album from Lonesome Shack. The playing (electric guitar, bass and drums) is raw, sparse in its use of notes, functional in its rhythm and nearly pure in its presentation. Lonesome Shack translate the feral quality of the music to video images with the album title track.