Tammy Wynette vowed to stand by her man in song. In the 1950-60’s, the role is a woman was to quietly accept whatever the man, her husband, said or did. Popular opinion has changed and even Tammy dumped the dude who was treating her like crap. My Darling Clementine sing a more modern response to mental abuse with “No Matter What Tammy Says (I Won’t Stand By Him)”

The men of Blackbird Sing stick to a simple plan for the brand of Roots rock’n’roll that the San Antonio, Texas band five to the world. Lead singer, Vito Salinas, hands over their wisdom in a basic truth, “It’s not how you play. It’s what you play that really matters.”  The power they give to their music does not translate to misfires of the heart and in the video, they are experiencing more than a little “Manxiety”

Old Crow Medicine Show can get a crowd moving on street corners and stages. The boys and a good time walk arm in arm with their tune “Wagon Wheel” hitting anthem territory and selling a million copies of the single. “I Hear Them All” presents the band, and their love of humanity, on a different level. While they wait for the bus in the video they dream of all religions sitting down at the same table.

Amy is joined by co-author John Fullbright on the audio, and video, versions of “The Sea and the Shore”. The pair are lovers with a passion that would become legend. Separation is on the tide coming in and going out, and it never gets any easier with repeat occurrences.

Jake Bugg is making a lot of noise in the UK for just a guy and his guitar. The British singer/songwriter has a current release, Shangri La, produced by Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. The new video for “Messed-Up Kids” will appear on an upcoming E.P. containing four unreleased tracks from the recording session.