Congratulations to Anne McCue for her new release, Blue Sky Thinkin'. The music that taps into ragtime beats and back alley jazz. Anne Sings "Things You Left Out in the Rain” hoping for a bigger umbrella as Sergio Webb blows his trumpet and the horn sections vamps.

Meet Miss Ida Blue, Brooklyn’s brothel blues queen captured live at Red Car NY. Scott Bozack at St Mazie in Brooklyn, NY recorded the track with the audience as another instrument joining in. Miss Ida Blue sings like the little girl kept up in the attic that learns to live when she sneaks down to join the back alley jazz band.

As Red Molly, Laurie MacAllister (bass), Abbie Gardner (Dobro), and Molly Venter (guitar) weave together the threads of American music—from folk roots to bluegrass, from heartbreaking ballads to barn-burning honky tonk—as effortlessly as they blend their voices. "I'm Listening" was recorded and filmed at Alternate Root TV Studios from the Red Molly The Extended Play Sessions.

Brandon Freeman is an RnB and rock singer while Jonathan Napoles played metal for over a decade. The two set up all the equipment they had at their disposal and Cloudship was born as an American/Roots duo making use of unique and quirky instrumentation to ““Sail to Heaven” on psychedelic clouds of aFolk/Blues sound.

Together Kris Delmhorst and Charlie Rose are harmonic bliss. Kris’ songwriting illuminates the human condition with bright colorful strokes at times and keeps it dimly lit at others times. The video for "Blood Test" featuring Charlie Rose was filmed at Alternate Root TV studios for The Extended Play Sessions.