Live Hart comes back to a personal relationship with her music with Singer/Songwriter Soul in her video for “Please Don’t Say It’s Over”. She mixes and blends Folk, Soul and a touch of R&B in the sound Live describes as Alternative Soul.

The Hillary Reynolds have a couple of seductive promises in their band description…..campfire congeniality and a transcendent folk experience… doesn’t want that? The topic for their most recent video fits the season.

The music of Whitehorse gloriously rolls and tumbles within the songs of the husband and wife team. The Canadian duo produce a Spector-esque Wall of Sound to bring out every bend of the thick, reverbed guitar twang that surrounds vocals that float over the sound on a Pop cloud of grace and poise on the new track, “Sweet Disaster”.

Patrolled by Radar cause blips on multiple genre screens as cruise California Country, sampling from a wide variety of American Roots music on their latest release, Cool Your Jets, Frontman Jay Souza shouts out a ‘Hallelujah’,embracing the “Lost Cause” in their video, and giving in to the grip of rock’n’roll.

Doug Carrion was ground zero for the SoCal punk rock scene playing in The Descendants and Circle Jerks. He returns with a new band, proving once again the country music and punk rock are related, whether they admit it or not. Doug C and the Blacklisted believe Hank Williams Sr Elvis Presley, Black Flag and the Cramps.