Corb Lund will be appearing at Stagecoach this weekend, part of the ongoing effort for Roots music to take over the desert event. Corb is trying to get to the gig, with some help from Hayes Carrl, in this video for “Bible on the Dash”. The guys rarely do co-writes but drama has a way of binding brothers of the guitar together.

The video from So Brown is a stage set, a party with your eyes as the camera. It is a celebration of gentle acoustic tones and real life sound effects. It is singer and guitar and yet “Riversong” is a sweeping vista coming together in loving tribute to grandmother Freida. The images that glide by have old south textures and a sense of tension from the uncomfortable Southern Gothic twists and turns.

Trampled By Turtles have a new album coming, Wild Animals, on July 15, 2014. The band presents a Wild Animals vignette in video form to give an idea of the music and offer some behind the scene footage of the band and a big, black metal thing looks like a huge paper weight…..I believe it is called a type writer.

The unspoken rule of the work force is you do the job, you get paid. The hardest job is the one that offers no compensation…the lover relationship. John Prine and Iris Dement sang to the joys of love; listing the shortcomings, the pitfalls and the what-was-I-thinking moments that come before that warm surge of something bubbles up from your stomach while gazing at the one you love.