Colin Linden fesses up about being out of circulation. Colin and his wife are celebrating thirty years of being together, twenty-six years of marriage. The excuse for missing get-togethers, benefits and birthday parties is not due to a lack of social graces. As Blackie and the Rodeo Kings point out, all of the husband and wife’s time is used up “Reinventing the Wheel of Love”.

Good Light by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors made our best album of 2013 list. Good Lightis lyrically sophisticated and contemporary. Musically, his wife and songwriting partner Ellie holds the harmonies in firm place and the Neighbors glide over a sonic landscape of Hammond organ, pedal steel, mandolin and guitars.

Music legends Dr. John and Bobby Rush have recorded together for the first time in their fifty year friendship. “Another Murder in New Orleans” will appear on Decisions, the new Bobby Rush album recorded with Blinddog Smokin’. The video goes between real life and cartoon characters. Both sides bound together by soul.

Being dubbed ‘America’s Bluegrass Band’ is not an easy crown to grab. Seldom Scene won the title with 40+ years of playing together and collaborations with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. 'Long Time...Seldom Scene' is a new recording featuring 16 songs from their catalog and live shows. Chris Eldridge (The Punch Brothers), son of founding member Ben Eldridge, introduces Seldom Scene in this video for the new studio recording of their classic “Wait A Minute”.

Ever have an itch you can’t seem to scratch? That is what happens to the two lovers in a Twilight Zone diner meets Gumball Rally big rig new video by The Black Lillies. From the album Runaway Freeway Blues the beat sets the pace for a hightail chase with more bumps than a dirt back road and enough curves to keep your knuckles white until the very last note from The Black Lillies fire-breathing bluegrass.