Whiskey Myers have a way of getting to the soul of rebel music. They have a new video for "Dogwood", from the album Early Morning Shakes (2014 Wiggy Thump Records), directed by Phillip Guzman.

Optimism is a physical product, and a lovely parting gift, from The Wayside Shakeup on the video from their new tune, “Optimistic”. What the guys can’t find in the story is very present in the music….yeah, it’s all gone to hell but, man, there are handclaps, what could be bad?

A little Shovels and Rope music is beginning to flow from Swimmin’ Time, due in August, 2014. The band has released images and music with the first track from the album, “The Devil Is All Around”.

Donna the Buffalo is celebrating 25 years of roaming and playing with an exclusive video premier for The Alternate Root. No band could exist for that long without fans, and Donna the Buffalo send out a song and video to the people in the pit with  "I Love My Tribe". The video was directed by Bill Filipiak.

A touring musician rarely sees home and when @DavidOlney finally got a night off he took a walk through the semi-quiet streets of Nashville through a “Sad, Saturday Night”. The night and the light cast shadows, like the one trailing behind David as he strolls through the video.