Parker Milsap and his band make “Truck Stop Gospel” shutter like the 18-wheeler carrying  a full cargo of bibles and a big cross painted on the side of the rig. Parker Milsap does not judge, proselytize nor suggest a way of life. He is the observer, humanizing lives so we don’t have to get too close ourselves.

Multi-tasking is the new one thing at a time. New American Farmers pack the open door policy “Down at the Pharmacy” with both a timely and seasonal message. The video premier for The Alternate Root is from New American Farmers recent release, The Farmacology Sessions.

The Mavericks brought country to the city and they continue to blur styles like they are still in the garage crafting their sound. The band brought their native Miami heat to the lead track of In Time, “Back in Your Arms Again”, co-written by Raul Malo, Gary Nicholson and Seth Walker.

A nature video….cameras caught St. Paul and the Broken Bones on a stroll through Paris. The city of lights sparked the guys to set up and play in an interior courtyard with the Louvre. Sweet soul music bounces of stone that housed French kings until Louis XIV built Versailles. Filmed by La Blogotheque 

Roots ‘n’ Blues master, Stacey Mitchhart proves that his Nashville home is Music City. Stacey plays his homemade cigar box guitar in a video to promote his late October album release with the title track. Stacey Mitchhart rips a hole in traditional Blues and gets up in your face to tell ya he is here to “Live My Life”