Yep Roc Records is offering an advance hear for the upcoming Mandolin Orange with the track “Old Ties and Companions”, from the upcoming Such Jubilee (May 5, 2015). The band kicks off a coast-to-coast tour on 5-5-15 with stops to City Winery in Nashville (5-6-15) and NYC (5-17-15), landing in LA at Hotel Cafe (6-16-15)

Goodnight Moonshine have solved an urban myth. The duo (Molly Venter and Eben Pariser) mash-up Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz to fulfill a psychedelic daydream that they were meant to be together. Goodnight Moonshine were determined…’We set out wanting to convince people that Pink Floyd intentionally synched the album to​ The Wizard of Oz’.

Wild Ponies put manifesto into song for love equality, “Love is Not a Sin”. The video is a fan-photoed project, the result of confusion, as Wild Ponies Doug Willams explains, ‘It’s a strange time. People are upset about love, and upset that other people want to put more of it in the world and live their lives together. I don’t really understand that.

Dawes return with their fourth album, All Your Favorite Bands. The album was produced by Dave Rawlings in East Nashville at Woodland Sound Studios. Hollywood Blvd. sets the stage for a video from a new track, “Things Happen” from the album.

Anderson East filmed and recorded the live rendition of “Satisfy Me” at Muscle Shoals’ legendary Fame Studios. The is from a five-song EP from Anderson East, in advance of the full-length studio debut, Delilah, (7-14-15) on Dave Cobb’s Low Country Sound imprint via Elektra Records.