How come musicians don’t take a stand anymore for rights? Well, many do, you just have to listen, or in this case watch. Zak Smith takes on the headlines with a heart with some advice, and a question….have You Looked Outside?

We are pleased to offer Rattle the Hocks for your viewing pleasure. Rattle the Hocks, directed and produced by Cody Dickinson is a musical documentary that captures The Grahams relentless journey to explore the relationship between railroads and American Roots music.

JD McPherson snatches time from an ear that stages its images in black and white. The video is “It’s all Over But the Shouting”, found on the most recent JD McPherson album, Let the Good Times Roll.

Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis offer musical backing as a tease on their song and video for Against You. The track is from their recent self-titled release on Fluff and Gravy Records out of Portland, Oregon. Catherine Feeny sings slow yet it is not hesitation, it comes from the understanding ‘I’m sorry I’m again you, and I’m against you still’.

The video for Ruby is a sequel to Levi Parham's 'Never Coming Home to Me' starring Wilkes Fawkes as 'Bear'. Levi sees ‘”Ruby” as a woman with crazy hair, she see herself as a mother raising her young child. The video takes her story and follows Bear and his imaginative exploration of the new life carved out for him by the efforts of the mother, “Ruby”.