Somewhere in the year 2420, words will spell out a simple sentence, ‘where reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain.’ Up above the those words will stand bronzed copies of Sturgill Simpson and his band, honored as the guys who blended country music and turtles, psychedelic days and nights of love.

Mia Doi Todd interprets Cais as featured on her album of Brazilian songs ‘Floresta’. Dir. Arnaud Benoliel, created a progression of moods and feelings using ‘the solitude and dreams, despair and hope that this can entail.’

Mia Doi Todd - Cais from Ania Nakov on Vimeo.

UK-based singer/songwriter, Luke Tuchscherer, (The Whybirds) releases a solo work, You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense. The simply structured video makes a big point that address where you music grows has one common ground, the Roots of its music and the issues we share worldwide.

 Ginger fills glasses in a lonely town and Danny hugs a steering wheel from ‘Memphis to the Redwood coast’, stopping in Bakersfield to top off leads he finds fate waiting tables. Calico the band sing the tale of rwo folks in desperate need of a friend, finding more as it becomes clear that the easiest way to find out where you need to be is “Runaway Cowgirl”.

Rockpile became mythical. Like Bob Dylan with his backing of The Band, the group was backing for Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe solo projects. Rockpile included Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds on vocals, bass and guitar (respectively). To take you into time off, here is Rockpile with a track from Dave Edmunds solo work with “Here Comes the Weekend”.