Candian Blues and Soul man JW-Jones releases his debut on Blind Pig Records, Belmont Boulevard. JW takes the stage at a dance party to do some heart multiplication in “Love Times Ten”.

A blistering, satirical commentary on how the complicity of Big Business, Big Government and Big Media has damaged democracies and citizens’ rights. Kenny Butterill sits on alonely island of sanity and spins a tale to talk about the greed digging deep into your pockets. Directed by Bill Hurley, head honcho of Alt Root TV.

On September 15, 2014, Leftover Salmon put about as much as humanly possible into the night in Nashville. Celebrating their recording of The Nashville Sessions on its fifteenth anniversary, LoS took a moment to introduce their newest member, Bill Payne (Little Feat) an debut the title tracks from their upcoming release, High Country.

An art clash in Brooklyn New York combines the music of Cariad Harmon, the filming of director Austin Pulliam and The Wild Honey Pie and the time-lapsed animation of artist Daniel Fishel. Cariad Harmon song playfully sound tracks the comic book-esque story of the lyrics provided by Daniel Fishel.

Allen Mann looks through a black and white world in his video for to catch the camera images lost to the naked eye. Neil Young’s album Harvest sowed song seeds in a younger Allen Man. The Hattiesburg, Mississippi born and raised singer/songwriter will release the E.P. Spirit Land this fall.