Matthew McNeal is an American Roots singer/songwriter from Ft. Worth, Texas. He recorded his upcoming record with McKenzie Smith (Sarah Jaffe) and Joey McClellan (Israel Nash). Matthew has released the first single and video from the album, and is seeking a common ground between love and a whiskey bottle as the two sides battle is out for his time.

The black and white image of Kristian Gaarskjær is a constant in the video for Select Captain and their view on “Sweet Desire”. Select Captain keep the music equally stark yet warm the song from the inside with fat guitar notes and flickering mandolin chords.The track is from the Copenhagen band’s debut, The Fear and the Light.

James Apollo sings blue for Christmas in the holiday noir video “Ho, Ho, Ho Hum”.  His cheer hits a lonely note, ‘Christmas has always been more blue than white. I wanted to make some songs for the outsiders. I’m not trying to say its the holidays and you’re not alone, I’m saying we all are, and we may as well get used to it.’

Jorma Kaukonen will release Ain't In No Hurry on February 17, 2015 through Red House Records. The recording finds him at a spot where he realizes ‘you just canʼt go backward. The arrow of time only goes in one direction’. The video for “In My Dreams’ reminisces with words and images.

Williams and Company are a young Nashville band. “The Distance” is a new recording for an upcoming album. The black and white is a stark background the fits the in-studio playing as the track uses folk-rock riffs, soul organ swells, roots guitar slides and country vocals as it measures the narrow line that connects hearts.