Benjamin Booker takes a slow ride for the beginning of The Future is Slow Coming. The video is a double shot of tracks from his most recent, self-titled ATO Records release. James Lee directed the feature that combines the album tracks “Slow Coming” and “Wicked Waters”.

The Vagaband create a gypsy jazz sound track from the stage as the dance floor spins around them. The tune, “Lend Me Your Ears”, is a just one of the requests, seeds of wisdom and kernels of advice from The Vagaband found on their recent release, Medicine for the Soul.

Voo Davis had a double dose of Blues. He was born in Alabama, his family moving north to Chicago in his youth. Southern soil and Chicago grit came together to create the sound that rises from his acoustic slide playing. The song, and video, “Riverside Blues” is from the upcoming Voo Davis release, Midnight Mist.

Yep Roc Records is offering an advance hear for the upcoming Mandolin Orange with the track “Old Ties and Companions”, from the upcoming Such Jubilee (May 5, 2015). The band kicks off a coast-to-coast tour on 5-5-15 with stops to City Winery in Nashville (5-6-15) and NYC (5-17-15), landing in LA at Hotel Cafe (6-16-15)

Goodnight Moonshine have solved an urban myth. The duo (Molly Venter and Eben Pariser) mash-up Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz to fulfill a psychedelic daydream that they were meant to be together. Goodnight Moonshine were determined…’We set out wanting to convince people that Pink Floyd intentionally synched the album to​ The Wizard of Oz’.