Aaron Lee Tasjan, lead guitarist for Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, kicks over his singer/songwriter chair to chord a distorted bellow from his guitar as he weighs in on “Drugs and Junk Food”. The video is part of the Behind the Glass Sessions and was filmed and recorded at Electric Lady Studios.

John Mellencamp looks back at life and uses the images to see his own future on Plain Spoken, his 22ND album release, . In album opener, “Troubled Man” he walks in with past mistakes on display, not as a request for forgiveness, just facts.

The apathy of doctors in writing prescriptions for “Pain Pills” has created a nation of normal, every-day folks who have become legal drug addicts. Angaleena Presley addresses the epidemic, and talks about ‘how a little bit of pain is gonna kill a lot of good folk in these here hills”.

The constant reality of being a victim of crime, even in your own home, is played out by Red Dirt Skinners in the video for “Mr. Jones”…..the message becoming even clearer when set against the album title, Home Sweet Home.

Shelley King heats up winter with a video for “Building a Fire”, the title track from her most recent release. The video was written and directed by John Magnie (the Subdudes) and will premiere at a screening party at 5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 18, at Austin's One-2-One Bar.