In a handcrafted video from LR Baggs, Jonny Fritz talks about his new album release, Creep, and his love of Nashville players as Jonny and fiddler Josh Hedley run through tunes. Jonny offers a how-to guide for up-and-coming musician with his own history.

Their home state of Colorado figures heavily in the recent video release from Elephant Revival. Local producer Laura Golhamer filmed “Petals”, and the Stanley Hotel is Estes Park (known for its role in The Shining) plays host to the PlentyWolf singers, a Colorado-based Lakota group.

It is a simple plan…easy to implement and understand. Leeroy Stagger is suggesting to ‘bring back human to the human race’. His proposal is as effortless as his song is catchy as Leeroy Stagged sings “I Want It All” from his upcoming release Love Versus. The tune is a sing-a-long that can be done at home.

Ever wonder what a song looks like in the head of its author. Al Scorch sends a brain cam inside to hear, and see in video, a track from his recent release, Circle Round the Signs. Al Scorch screams “Everybody Out” to a ragtime beat.

Like the smile on Reverend Payton’s face, the video for “We Deserve a Happy Ending” is one continuous shot. Filmed inside his tiny cabin in the Brown County Hills. Reverend Peyton and His Big Damn Band sing a tune from their upcoming (3-10-17) release, Front Porch Sessions.