From the very beginning of the song, the men of Murder, Murder admit “I've Always Been a Gambler”. The band remember all the wrongs that have been dealt to them, and they cannot find forgiveness in the cards. The track is from the upcoming (September 2017) album, Wicked Lines and Veins, from Murder, Murder.

Going back to the words of our founding fathers, and the truths of past presidents, Roger Salloom makes a simple request in his song “Don’t Let My Country Wash Away”. The video images show the great divide between the crazy quilt pattern of today’s government and the dignity that was once held in the office of the president.

A massive stretch of blacktop encircles Los Angeles. Like many highways, it promises to get you from here to there, as long as you are in no hurry. Calico the band offer a California love story as they sit in traffic on “The 405”. The track is from the upcoming (September 15, 2017) release, Under Blue Skies.

The boys in Old Salt Union find themselves stranded on a deserted road with lost dreams, one drop of whiskey, one last dollar, and one very broken heart. They tell their story on “Where I Stand”, the first single from the upcoming (August 4, 2017) self-titled release from Old Salt Union.


Irish instrumentalist, Paul Sweeney, backs his guitar work with otherworldly images of nature in his video for “Memories”. The beauty of Paul’s guitar is matched by the color and wonder of the pictures that flow across the screen.