Cruising desert highways in a classic car with some vintage guitar jangle, Jessica Lee Mayfield sings a goodbye into the wind blowing out her rolled down window in “Sorry Is Gone”. The tune is the title track from the upcoming (September 29, 2017) from Jessica Lee Mayfield.


A cast of characters line the black and white walls of “Hole in My Heart”, the recent video release from Johnny Dango. The scenery and story make a quilt of story lines from vintage early films on a track from the upcoming (September 1, 2017) release from Johnny Dango, Recluse in Plain Sight.

Admitting her limitations, Lillie Mae confesses ‘there ain’t enough water to “Wash Me Clean” from everything I’ve done”. The tune is from the recent Third Man Records release from Lillie Mae, Forever and Then Some.

Summer shares time to spend with family, and Hymn River Suite use a seasonal video to bring their own kids as well as the children of band mates along with nieces and nephews into the video premier for “We Were Kings”. The tune is from the upcoming (August 11, 2017) Hymn River Suite release, Hundred Proof.

Much has changed for Glen Campbell since he headed west to L.A. in 1960 as a session musician, joining The Champs (“Tequilla”) the same year. What has not changed a bit is how the guitar continues to be the companion when pursuing dreams, like in the video for “Adios” the title track from the recent Glen Campbell release.