A musical history is given in smoke rings with “Green Grass of California”. The track is from the recent release from The Band of Heathens, Duende. The Austin, Texas band follow marijuana from counter culture dealing to over-the-counter purchases.

Featuring Alabama-based string band, Iron Horse, CMH Records offers Pickin’ on Nirvana: A Bluegrass Tribute to Nirvana. The album will be released on Record Store Day (4-22-17) and continues the label’s series of Bluegrass interpretations of influential artists with Iron Horse offering "All Apologies".

The state of the union is addressed by Tarrant as the band lists items falling under the heading of “Cheap Shit from China”. The video focuses on the ‘do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do’ policies of the current group that is attempting to pass as a governing body. And for more cheap shit, I mean cheap shot, the original Tarrant video was removed by Fox News. New video, same message.

Tedeschi Trucks Band have a live concert DVD and album featuring a performance from the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. TTB offer a glimpse into the show and live experience with a video of the track “Let Me Get By” from the DVD/CD combo.

Blue Ridge Mountain native, Malcolm Holcombe, offers a video for “Yours No More”. The track is from his upcoming (4-7-17) collection of haunted country tunes on Malcolm Holcombe’s fifteenth album release, Pretty Little Troubles, produced by Darrell Scott.