Angie barely gets to unpack her Scout II before she hits the stage. Angie and the Deserters are road weary though they still Rock with the Roots of “17 Days”, the band’s recent release from their E.P. You.

Austin, Texas-based dancer Raina Krause is the woman behind the mask. “Cannonball” is a debut video from Rebecca Loebe. The tune is from Rebecca’s new album, Blink, signifies the many masks women wear throughout the day. The masks were made by Raina using only $40 worth of art supplies.

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are joined by Rodney Crowell to sing the credo of traveling musicians worldwide. The tune stamps “Live by the Song” on their lives as they stumble through the years of a bittersweet life on the recent BARK release of male to male duets, Kings and Kings.

Colorful pills and a western groove take Marty Stuart “Way Out West” and into the Golden State on title track from his upcoming (3-10-17) release. The warning on the pill bottle comes through the song as little green and yellow pills create a black and white world in the video.