The Wolf Creek Boys are clear with how they can change their day around and have no interest in hearing about their methods. The band spells it out in a lyric video for “This Isn’t 81”, directed by Devan Power (Jason Isbell, Chuck Ragan, Sons of Anarachy).

The days go by slowly as Lilly Hiatt sits at home in her East Nashville digs making peace with a former life. Lilly wakes up on “Trinity Lane” playing at home with her cat and cruising the streets in the video for the title track from her upcoming (August 25, 2017) album.

Setting to play in a local pub, Danny and the Champions of the World debut a track from their upcoming (June 30, 2017) album, Brilliant Light. Filmed at The Betsey Trotwood in London, Danny and The Champs take to the stage with “Waiting for the Right Time”.

The village that is takes for a success is populated with multiple personalities as Rich McCully becomes “The Pilot”. Rich debuts a track from his recent album release, Out Along the Edges, backing himself as band for the song.

There are visions of “Guilty Pleasures” playing in the head of Selwyn Birchwood as he walks through a dream of drinking, gambling, and womanizing. He wakes up to his life as a married father of two guilt-free from a song on his recent release, Pick Your Poison.