Tara Dente (from the album The Gleaner available on Mountain Fever Records)

With a background in piano composition, New Jersey native Tara Dente show her Roots in her recent Travianna Records release, The Gleaner. Soulful vocals claw and rip as Tara Dente asks to ‘take my soul and trade it in even if it tears my skin’ in album opener “Blind Pilot”. The Gleaner wonders “Who Will Save My Soul” on a Country ramble, asks “Who Are You” on a train track beat, and travels “Road” urged on by Blues guitar fire. Tara Dente wears the skin of her characters in her stories on The Gleaner, fully immersing herself into the drift of desert winds coursing in the temper-fueled tale of “Screens” as she ponders “Could I Be Wrong” on a hard rolling rhythm, shuffles into the nighttime under the non-judgmental light of “The Moon”, and vows “Never Going Home” as she steadfastly moves forward on a perpetual trek for adventure.

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