Nikole Potulsky (from the album You Want to Know About Me)

Co-producer John Shepski assembled the backing of local musicians to record You Want to Know About Me, the debut album from Portland, Oregon’s Nikole Potulsky. The players had no rehearsal and were issued just one instruction, listen to Nikole’s stories and plays what feels right. The results fill You Want to Know About Me with a little bit of Country on “My Hometown”, haunted Blues on the title track, and Folk in the warnings of “If I Were You”. The wistful vocal work of Nikole Potulsky rides “Ferris Wheel” as her memories spin, and lightly touch on love with tenderness in “Baby Mine” while her voice rises up as the only sound in the gospel strains of “Daddy’s Gone Home”. A rattle rhythm shuffles with percussion as You Want to Know About Me rides along with “Rumble Seat” and hears ghostly echoes in the empty house of “Get Out” as Nikole Potulsky puts a rail click underneath her preference for travel in “I Miss the Train”.

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