Aaron Burdett (from the album Refuge)

The songs of Aaron Burdett tell the story of southern Appalachian culture circa 2017. His music is born in the traditions of the mountains, his tales are modern day snapshots of the people of his base in North Carolina. His latest release, Refuge, collects tales of the workers who share his home as well as the solace that Aaron Burdett finds in his personal sanctuary, music. Refuge tells the story of a son who swore not to follow his dad into backbreaking work only to find himself harnessed to a job that numbs his mind (“It’s a Living”). Aaron Burdett solemnly relates a story from 1905, and the rail workers who lost their lives (“Pennies on the Tracks”) as he tints “Looking for the Light” with Bluegrass, cuts out a shelter with sharp electric guitar chords for “Last Refuge”, looks behind to past history for “Thieves and Charlatans”, wades through today’s floods and small town meth abuse to find “Poor Man”, and hears tomorrow knock to take away dreams in “Wolves at the Door”.

Refuge is mirror of the lives that Aaron Burdett passes on the road as he carries his songs, setting up on another stage to “Rock and Roll” as he remembers former residences that had “A Couple of Broken Windows” in common as he drives late night highways to pound “Another Nail in the Coffin” with scratchy chords and front seats shots of bourbon.

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