Doc Fell and Co. (from the album Dust Bowl Heart)

Doc Fell leads a double life in plain view of the folks in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. By day, Doctor John Fell is a general practitioner, after dark he takes the stage to preach the gospel of Country Rock’n’Roll as the frontman for Doc Fell and Co. Dust Bowl Heart, the latest release from Doc Fell and Co, spreads its love for multiple genres as The Company speaks to the dance floor with a little honky tonk music (“Love Sick”), rides on rolling chords of hillbilly rock (“Dandelions”), digs in with Red Dirt Folk (“Oklahoma Lady”), walks a dark Country edge (“Lonesomeville”), and brightens with Folk dappled notes (“Home on the Hill”).

Dust Bowl Heart dips its toes in mountain string band music with the title track as Doc Fell and Co share a sad Country tale with “The Less I Know” and toss out bitterness for lost love on “Tumbling Dice”.

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